Conservation of the critical endangered Elim Fynbos is the cornerstone on which we have based our farming practices.

Lomond, a member since 2005, is situated in the heart of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy and is home to a wide diversity of endangered flora including Mountain & Elim Fynbos, Milkwood Forests and Wetlands.

Whilst the focus has always been on producing high quality wine based on the regions cool climate and diversity of soils, Lomond has also been actively involved in the bigger conservation landscape.

Lomond is the first South African Wine Farm to enter into a Conservation Servitude with Fauna and Flora International to ensure the long-term preservation of the critically endangered Elim Ferricrete Fynbos and Overberg Sandstone Fynbos which occurs on the slopes of Ben Lomond. This includes ensuring the conservation of all natural biodiversity through proactive conservation management of the site and adjoining area.
This servitude forms a vital buffer area between the Flower Valley Conservation Trust and the Lomond vineyards.

The Cape Floral Kingdom

The Cape Floral Kingdom, of which fynbos is the major component, is one of the 6 floral kingdoms on our planet and the only one found entirely in one country. It is the most threatened kingdom in the world and has been marked as one of South Africa’s eight heritage sites. It is home to around 9000 species – so it has the highest concentration of plant species in the smallest area. Compare that with the whole of the United Kingdom, which is home to 1500 wildflower species.

Walker Bay Protected Environment

In a significant step towards preserving its natural heritage and fostering sustainable land management, Lomond Wine Estate has embarked on declaring its property as a Protected Environment.

This bold move reflects the estate’s commitment to environmental stewardship and marks a new chapter in its journey towards sustainable viticulture and conservation. Lomond Wine Estate, along with seven other landowners within the conservancy, are in the final steps of declaring their properties as a Protected Environment, a legally designated area established under the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act (NEMPAA) of 2003.

The Walker Bay Protected Environment aims at conserving important ecological features and biodiversity while promoting sustainable land and resource management.

We are a proud member of Carbon Heroes.

Lomond Wines is commited to fighting climate change through sustainability.

In 2023, Lomond was named Social Responsibility and an Environment Champion by UK Wine Importer Hallgarten. 


Both cellar and tasting room are powered by 2 50kw solar energy systems.

Fuel Saving

Bikes are utilised by viticulture team rather than bakkies.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic waste materials are composted and utilised as fertilizer for vineyards.

Water Smart

Probes in vineyards monitor moisture levels in the soil to assure proper irrigation.


Chem containers, glass, cardboard, and all organic materials are recycles or composted.

Soil Health

Cover crops are utilised to promote soil health in assistance with compost.

Servitude Area

Lomond is the first wine farm in SA to sign a portion of the farm into a Conservation Servitude with Fauna and Flora International.