Our Wines

Inspired by nature

The complexity and character of our wines are an expression of the aspect, soils and climate of Cape Agulhas, which is distinguished by its cool coastal location at the southernmost tip of Africa. Selective hand harvesting and sorting, and respect for the vineyard, drives our winemaking process with extreme attention to detail followed. This in turn creates elegant, complex wines with texture and depth which allows the true identity of the fruit source to be portrayed.

Estate Wines

Expressing the unique characteristics of Lomond Estate. Only the finest grapes from the best vineyards are harvested, fermented and vinified separately to ensure that each wine retains the unique flavours and characteristics of the vineyard.
Our winemaker carefully blends the separate lots to craft a wine greater than the sum of the parts.

Wines which showcase the vibrant fruit and balanced complexities for which this beautiful region is famous.

Since 2005 our Lomond Estate Wines have been known for their true varietal expression.

Single Vineyard & Limited Release Wines

Selective hand harvesting, sorting and respect for the vineyard drives our winemaking processes.

These limited-production wines are meticulously crafted from individual vineyards which result in a wine which expresses the essence of the vineyard and the terroir in which it is grown.

Each wine is named after a Fynbos species endemic to Cape Agulhas. Prevailing winds blow directly off the ocean in both a South Easterly and South Westerly direction, providing consistent coolness throughout the summer months, with temperatures seldom reaching above 30º Celsius. A cool climate with slow ripening is thus created.

The terroir, climate and location of Lomond all combine to create superb single-vineyard wines from individual vineyard blocks.

7 Rows

22 years ago the very first vine went into the ground on Lomond.

Our goal from the outset remains unchanged; to create South Africa’s finest cool climate wines which are comparable to the best in the world.

The pursuit of quality is, by definition, incremental and perpetual.

Over decades, we have studied every slope on the farm, identifying 18 different soil types and where they lie within the vineyards. Trials have been conducted including different pruning techniques, cover crops and irrigation methods to determine the most effective regime to produce quality grapes.

We harvest not by block, but per soil type. This ensures optimum ripeness and preserving each sections unique flavours. We can accurately identify the distinctive characteristics that terroir imparts.

Utilising satellite imagery and boots on the ground, we monitor vigour, growth and ripeness. Varying terroir creates microclimates within each vineyard block.

Within each block there are rows of vines which have flavour compounds which are exceptional. These rows are vinified separately and tasted over and over again in the pursuit of perfection.

We are delighted to present the 7 Rows Range which expresses the passion, craft and dedication of the team at Lomond.

Cap Classique

A glass of Cap Classique elevates the soul and sends the senses soaring.

The hand-picked and hand-sorted grapes were fermented dry and then blended to make the base wine. Using the traditional méthode champenoise, the wine then undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle. Our MCC’s are aged sur lees for a minimum of 36 months before being riddled and degorged, vintage certified with an ultra-fine mousse.

“Champagne murmurs in the glass like a wave flowing up the beach”



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