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7 Rows

22 years ago the very first vine went into the ground on Lomond.

Our goal from the outset remains unchanged; to create South Africa’s finest cool climate wines which are comparable to the best in the world.

The pursuit of quality is, by definition, incremental and perpetual.

Over decades, we have studied every slope on the farm, identifying 18 different soil types and where they lie within the vineyards. Trials have been conducted including different pruning techniques, cover crops and irrigation methods to determine the most effective regime to produce quality grapes.

We harvest not by block, but per soil type. This ensures optimum ripeness and preserving each sections unique flavours. We can accurately identify the distinctive characteristics that terroir imparts.

Utilising satellite imagery and boots on the ground, we monitor vigour, growth and ripeness. Varying terroir creates microclimates within each vineyard block.

Within each block there are rows of vines which have flavour compounds which are exceptional. These rows are vinified separately and tasted over and over again in the pursuit of perfection.

We are delighted to present the 7 Rows Range which expresses the passion, craft and dedication of the team at Lomond.